Mission and Goals

It is our Goal to Bring the Melody America program to every state and territory in America. Visiting and performing music in a festival type atmosphere on U.S. Military Facilities and Bases. We also will be engaged with government agencies, cities, corporations and the general public for festival opportunities. We want all of America to feel the positive and uplifting message that Melody America brings to every event. The music festivals will serve to bring together the people and the programs Melody America supports.

It is our mission to enlighten and instruct through a musical platform. Addressing the most urgent physical and emotional needs of the United States military and low income community. Blending the healing nature of music with solid socioeconomic advocacy.

Melody America believes that music is a significant healing and empowering component in people’s lives. Our goal is to encourage and foster social, mental and physical support where needed with music as the genesis. We use music to affect positive change in people’s outlook in their lives and the lives of the people around them.

Melody America at its core is a musical platform of love, respect and opportunity. Our vision is to bring this musical platform to the American people. Music will ease both mind and spirit. Once engaged in our musical programs or live venue performances, participants will quickly realize how beneficial the Melody America assistance programs can be. We serve as a housing and financial advocate as well as a resource pool for employment opportunity. We provide information and links to corporate and governmental agencies that can supply support and relief.