We feel we are a bridge, transforming lives from hopelessness to hopeful. Our emphasis is on supporting severely injured American soldiers dealing with reintegration into civilian life. Our programs and services are also open to the United States low income community. Much more than music, we are a United States military and low income community advocate.


We serve as a champion for employment, financial and housing assistance. We are actively involved with the United States Military and the Wounded Warriors at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base, California. Engaging in on-site and internet based educational instruction coupled with live performance. Melody America is a gateway to personal freedom and achievement.


Music can relax people and provide a moment of peace. Our goal is to help people feel both optimistic and empowered. Melody America unites communities, uplifts individuals and connects businesses and government agencies with the people they serve.


MELODY AMERICA is a nexus to the business industry and government agencies of today. We have a knowledge and expertise to access employment opportunity, financial assistance information and housing for our military and low income communities. We are a resource and data pool to companies, government agencies and organizations within the United States and worldwide. We help with pairing people’s needs with the resources that can really provide support.