Smart Home

Melody America is inspired and passionate to deliver the “Smart Home” technologies of today to our most severely injured troops and disabled community. New breakthrough adaptive technologies are here and ready to provide much more independence, safety and dignity.

The field of home automation includes;


  • Surveillance Systems

  • Control and Optimization Devices

  • Lighting

  • Window Blinds

  • Appliances

  • Irrigation

  • Heating

  • Alarm Installation

  • and much more…

All being controlled centrally through a smartphone, tablet-computer or other integrated control device. Our goal is to custom build new and to retrofit existing housing with this state of the art automation, tailored to each persons particular needs. New technologies coupled with essential building modifications will give our Melody America recipients the tools and confidence to live a better life.


Traditional construction modifications such as easy access ramps and lifts, widening doorways for wheelchairs, lowering counter tops, bed and bathroom hoists and the like are all combined with “Smart Technologies” to make a Melody America integrated “Smart Home”.


Please join us in bringing these life altering and uplifting housing designs to our United States Military. These Wounded Warriors have sacrificed so very much to bring us the wonderful freedoms we enjoy everyday. lets make a positive change for America and for our precious Wounded Warriors.


Most of these technologies are costly and most veterans cant afford the upgrades and implementation of these valuable resources. Average cost to retrofit an existing home range from $30,000.00 to $50,000.00. The cost to build a new “Smart Home” Average $500,000.00. Together we can make it possible for them to receive the support they truly deserve.


Please make a tax deductible contribution today.


Thank you.